Accounts Receivable Management

bigstockphoto_Customer_Service_Representativ_3920474All collection agencies are not created equal.  We have learned that valuable lesson in 20 years of finding creative ways to resolve financial obligations for debtors and creditors.   Formulas work up to a point and “cherry picking” keeps many agencies afloat.  However, for clients who demand portfolio penetration, more is often required, and our team wrote the book on giving more

  • Our asset managers travel domestically and internationally to meet with debtors and perform field research.  We don’t know anyone else who does that.
  • Our legal staff is experienced in managing litigation in all fifty states and internationally.
  •  We invest financially in the accounts placed with us.
  • We offer best practices to our clients and consistently assist them in improving their own internal processes.
  • Our compliance is beyond reproach – we have never received a formal, substantiated complaint as a result of our collection practices.
  • We have developed partnerships with the best people in technology, investigation, compliance, and operations.