About VRH

The Value Recovery Group of companies (including VRH) is a 20-year experienced government consulting and asset  management and recovery firm, providing receivables management and consulting services for government agencies with complex and unique  needs. VRH’s practice areas encompass Loan Servicing and Asset Management, Collections, and Complementary Financial Management Services,  giving our team both breadth and depth in the Real Estate, Accounts Receivable, and Loan Administration / Program Management services that we  provide to our clients.


Founded by Barry Fromm in 1993 for the initial purpose of servicing distressed loans resulting from the mass Savings and Loan failures of the late 1980s and early ’90s, Value Recovery Group (VRG) got its start when it was awarded one of 29 partnership contracts with the Resolution Trust Corporation (the RTC) for the collection of Judgments, Deficiencies and Charge-Offs from failed financial institutions.  Twenty years later, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (the FDIC) has taken over the role that the RTC played in the 1990s, VRG remains one of only two incumbents on the contract, and we have built upon our experience to expand the scope of our asset management expertise to encompass the variety of service needs that are natural outgrowth of our original core competencies.  As our timeline illustrates, the past 20 years have witnessed explosive growth at VRG and its subsidiaries, including Value Recovery Holding LLC (VRH)

Holding GSA SIN Nos. 520-4, 520-5 and 520-13, our team of industry leaders has established itself as a well-respected resource for a wide range of asset management services in real estate development, management and disposition; collections; and loan administration / program management for state and federal agencies such as: